We started off making films when originally entering the Celluloid Screams ‘Bumper’ competition a couple of years back – and it’s becoming a tradition for us to throw something together for it.

This year we almost didn’t get to it (a mixture of other projects, and travel by all involved) – but in the end we threw together two short films. The theme this year was ‘Transformation’ – create a 30-60 second film that covered this. We created two films, one sublime, one ridiculous – both were shown during the festival last week, so we can now release them further.

This is the ‘ridiculous’ film – dubbed ‘Porcine Intervention’. It’s based around the characters from our entry last year – that film was based around 3 film makers struggling for inspiration for the contest, given a list of 35 films and in the end referencing all 35 in a minute. That film is linked HERE, named ‘Last Minute’.

This film is a continuation – the film makers are struggling again, and have this time resorted to filming a ‘ritual’ – sadly, they do not pay the attention that they ought to…..

Featuring the talents of Catherine Newsome, Jaimie Watts, Nigel Harper and Pip Mason


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